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Bounty Hunter by S-k-y-F-r-e-e

Vision: The golden tiger statues in front of the blue background really catch the eye of the viewer. It's great that you matched the go...




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I'm a self-taught artist who loves to create digital paintings with ArtRage 3.5.5. Studio Pro :love:

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Contest Results - Inspiration

Mon Oct 3, 2016, 1:04 PM

We hope you all enjoyed working on your entries! There were so many great pieces and it was extremely hard to judge them.  (Particularly the first few places were hard to choose!)

Please don’t feel offended if you didn’t win first place! We understand that it can make people upset, but we hope that you will respect our choices!

Leffie and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your entries! We would like to thank all of you for that:
:iconalwysbcreative: :iconbellanoel99: :iconsgpaige: :iconlucasjg1994: :iconfreakshow159: :icondylean: :iconvoyagetodiscover2013: :iconsaryetta86: :iconlaurensspruit: :iconyamsgarden: :icongreenteamelody: :iconacteriaarts: :iconicy-heartproductions: :icondoodavixen: :iconsaintprecious: :iconilinea: :iconathanstudios: :iconkreydus: :iconfrostalexis: :iconpurbosky: :iconnausicaaaaaa: :icondarkchapel666: :iconnakkamjong: :iconnarutocrypt: :iconposyprince: :iconliriose: :iconemiiliou: :icons-k-y-f-r-e-e: :iconuranus-seventhsun: :iconoceansigh: :iconk4xig: :iconterrathefox: :iconjaybeesea: :iconweirdgingersnap: :icondrerika: :iconikiska: :iconflorid-faerie: :icontokyomoonlight: :icondeviouslydevon: :iconevelina-san:

:heart: Many thanks to our donators as well:
:iconflorid-faerie: :iconachilledpanda: :iconk4xig:

Since there was a tie between two entries, Leffie and I decided to add another place. The 7th and 8th places will both get 100 points and llamas from me, Leffie and AChilledPanda.

:iconleffiedeviant: and I judged the pieces based on the following criteria:

Creativity – Show us how creative you can be! For example, you are free to add clothes and enhance the women’s designs.
  Skill – How well can you paint/draw/craft? We are looking for detailed pieces that show off your style.
  Composition – The placement of certain elements should be well thought through.
  Use of colours – How well do the colours fit with the message/idea of the piece? You can use the original colour scheme if you wish, but you are not restricted to this.
  Overall impression – Based on our personal impressions of the pieces: how effective are they?

1st Place

Creativity – The design was enhanced by adding glowing butterflies and a cracking heart. Small, blue flowers frame the woman’s gentle face.

  Skill – The light effects and smooth lines of the woman’s hair and face certainly emphasize SaintPrecious’ skill and style.

  Composition – Different from the original piece, SaintPrecious  decided to place the woman in the centre with the butterflies and branches framing her body and face.

  Use of colours – The colours are gorgeous! The soft purple colours in the background in contrast with the striking orange of the butterflies’ wings really make this piece stand out.

  Overall impression – It seems like the woman is hiding from something behind the branches of a forest. The neutral yet slightly sad expression on her face along with her glowing heart convey a deeper background story, but we will let you interprate that! What impressed me the most is the beautiful choice of colors. Congratulations SaintPrecious!


2nd Place

by YAMsgarden

Creativity – This piece is incredibly creative! From the seastars in her hair to the anchor earrings, YAMSgarden certainly has a great eye for detail!

  Skill – YAMSgarden’s cartoon style really stands in this piece. The lighting effects and shading look great - You are a very skilled digital painter!

  Composition – The piece looks balanced and the design seems to be well thought through.

  Use of colours – The blue colours of the water, seashells and starfish look really gorgeous and the light background makes the blue stand out even more.

  Overall impression Overall, this piece just looks beautiful. Making the ocean flow from her hair is such a great and creative idea! You did such a great job – Congratulations!


3rd Place

by LaurensSpruit

Creativity – This piece takes the original “Fade” into a different setting. We love how you shaped the woman’s face with the clouds!

  Skill – The beautifully coloured clouds along with the gorgeous face of the woman really show off your style and skill.

  Composition – The birds are flying in front of her, but the clouds form behind her. This really balances out the piece and it suggests that you carefully decided the placement of these objects.

  Use of colours – Sticking to the original colour palette (blue, yellow, purple) but changing it slightly to make it fit in a different setting is a really great idea.

  Overall impression This piece looks stunning and majestic and we love your creative idea! Congratulations LaurensSpruit!


4th Place

Creativity – The look of this piece is very different from her inspiration “Wings”. We like how you created a setting by adding the grassland, mountains and the horses.

  Skill – This is just beautifully done – we love your attention to detail (especially the feathers in her hair and the horse’s manes).

  Composition – The left side is emptier than the right side, and this is emphasized by the left horse, which has no rider. We think this placement is really well done since it makes us question what happened to the other rider.

  Use of colours – We think the usage of the original black and white colour scheme really suits this piece and its potential message!

  Overall impression –  This piece is beautiful to look at! What impressed us the most is your great skill and the placement of the horses and their rider. Nice work!



5th Place

by FrostAlexis

Creativity – We like how you decided to mix the concepts of two of the listed pieces: “Blue Fire” and “Blue Embrace”. We also think the design of the woman’s dress is gorgeous.

  Skill – You are a very talented artist! The hair look looks so stunning and we love the effects of the glowing goldfish.

  Composition – The goldfish are placed on both sides of the woman’s body to balance the piece out. We also like how you placed the hair on the top right to emphasize that the woman is under water.

  Use of colours – The darker blue in contrast with the glowing gold really makes the fish stand out.

  Overall impression – Overall, we think this piece really shows off your skill as a digital painter – You have a great eye for details!



6th Place

by Dylean

Creativity – We really like how you focused on the woman's pose and motion - It's not a bland copy of the original since the new pose creates a new flow and a different message.

  Skill – You are very talented! We admire your shading and highlighting skills!

  Composition – Even though the feathers cover most of the painting and are majorily placed on the top right, there still is a strong sense of balance in the piece. Again, this is due to the smooth movement of the woman that guides the eye around the entire painting.

  Use of colours – We really enjoy looking at this painting! The contrast is very similar to the original piece, and it looks really good here!

  Overall impression – Your painting is really beautiful! We love how you picked up on the traditional and peaceful aspect of the original piece. Well done!

7th Place

by S-k-y-F-r-e-e

– This sci-fi concept is great! We particularly like how her eye seems to become another star as the woman’s body starts to dissolve into the universe.

  Skill – The sci-fi effects are gorgeously breath-taking! We really like the look of the purple/blue dust cloud right next to her.

  Composition – The placement of the woman is well thought through – The dust from her head dissolves towards the right side of the piece, but then spirals back towards the woman.

  Uses of colours – The darker blue, green and purple colours emphasize the sci-fi feeling of the painting.

  Overall impression –  We think that the effects are very impressive - this piece is epic!


8th Place

Creativity – The beautiful accessories in her hair really show that you pay a lot of attention to detail. We also like the design of the fan.

  Skill – Your close attention to details really shows that you are a skilled painter! You did a great job with the line art and colours.

  Composition – This piece looks balanced since the fish frame the woman.

  Use of colours – The colours look gorgeous here! We really like how you shaded the fish.

  Overall impression – This piece certainly is an eye catcher. Your style is beautiful!


Please look at the contest journal to look up your prizes & contact the art donators!…


Honourable Mentions

There were so many other pieces which deserve much praise as well! Make sure to take a closer look at each one of them:


by AthanStudios

 by TokyoMoonlight

by Nausicaaaaaa

 by iKiska

by Drerika

by PosyPrince

by Saryetta86

 by LucasJG1994

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